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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Are you counting down the days to your wedding?

Among all the excitement and joy, it can be stressful wondering how you’ll pay for your perfect day.

With the price of weddings continuing to rise – in the United States, the average cost to get married was over $25,000, finding creative ways to save money can make a huge difference.

If you don’t have a spare twenty-five thousand dollars lying around, (who does?) then your priority is to find ways to save money.

But don’t worry. Long gone are the days of money saving tips that left you feeling flat or like you were missing out.

These 5 ways to save money on your big day will help you create an elegant celebration, without sacrificing any of the good stuff, on on a budget you can afford.


Time to get creative


#1  Pick a date outside of the peak wedding season.

Got your eye on your dream venue but the price tag is a bit of a nightmare?

Weddings in January or February tend to be cheaper than the summer months. You can find discounts off 40% or more, even at popular venues, if you don’t mind a winter wedding.

Getting married during a weekday instead of the weekend also helps, which means more time on the weekend to soak up that ‘just married’ feeling (or power through your wedding hangover, ouch!)

#2  Go paperless.

Instead of printing invitations, send them out electronically. Providers like electronic wedding planner Joy even let your guests RSVP to your event, making guest list management simple.

Doing this could save you hundreds of dollars, with the cost of buying and sending a mountain of wedding invitations quickly spiralling out of control.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll free up valuable time and be making the environmentally friendly choice too.

That’s a wedding win-win-win!

#3 Simplify the catering.

Food and beverage costs at the reception often cost more than the wedding dress, especially if your guest list includes a large number of friends and family.

If you want to keep the open bar, then cut out the signature drink. Or if your guest list is longer than your bridal veil, try opting for a buffet instead of a set 3-course menu.

Most guests won’t finish signature cocktails or pre-selected meals, which means you’ve wasted your money.

#4 Skip the wedding cake.

There is no single rule that says you must serve cake during your big day.

You could serve pie, cookies, or even your favorite ice cream!

As long as it is something both you and your partner love, then go for it. When it comes to wedding traditions, it’s easy to feel trapped. In reality, your big day is all about one person – you! (and maybe your partner if there’s time) so opting to ditch the cake in front of an equally delicious but budget friendly option is never a bad thing.

#5 Skip the wedding favour.

Wedding favours are typically small gifts given to the gusts as a gesture of appreciation from the bride and groom. However, these can add up to a serious expense as your guest list grows.

Instead of paying for individual wedding favours, consider a charitable donation on behalf of everyone who attends your event. That way, you can keep the cost of this wedding tradition to an amount you’re comfortable spending. Plus, you’ll be beginning your married life with a wonderful gesture of compassion too.

#6 Pick a bigger car

When it comes to transportation, you may not need as many cars as you think. If you’re worried about how much you’ll be spending on vehicles, consider opting for a sleek limo instead of a range of smaller options or two-seaters.

You’ll save big by using one spacious limousine to shuttle your VIP guests and bridal parties while cutting down on extra car and driver costs. Remember, bigger cars are cheaper cars.

Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of luxury rolling up to your big day in a limousine!


Say ‘I do’ to savings

Weddings can be expensive, but yours can be a trend-setter for savings with ideas like these.

You don’t have to sacrifice the little things, or lose the vision you’ve always had for your dream wedding with the perfect limousine or muscle car. Saving money comes from making smart choices, being true to your values over tradition, and thinking outside the box.

Afterall, the goal is to spend a lifetime together in love, not an eternity in debt.

So go out and enjoy your wedding, and even better, enjoy the feeling of money saved when it’s all said and done.

To the happy couple!

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George Porter

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