The demand for top class service in limousine industry is increasing. At Chauffeured all the Way our tasks is to train and equip individuals with tools which will help them surpass any employers� expectations.

The time is coming/has come when you are required to complete an approved limousine chauffeur training course, which includes successfully passing a written examination and a practical assignment. Numerous companies are recognizing the necessity of employing completely trained chauffeurs, before assigning them with their $300,000 investment.
Whether you are looking at a sedan (saloon) or a stretched limousine, your service ability will determine your income and success.
The training you are undertaking is a lively instructional and practical course endorsed by Silver Service Limousines, Melbourne’s Premier Limousine Service.
Any driver associated with this organisation has been through rigorous training, and has passed all requirements to become a successful chauffeur. All chauffeurs must have completed the entire course and gone through the various practical assignments before they are presented to any company or owner.

Below you will see some of the areas we entrust our trainees with:

  • Attend a 2 days theory sessions
  • Preferably be over the age of 25
  • Obtain and submit VicRoads application form for Driver Certification
  • Obtain and submit the necessary medical examination form
  • Obtain and submit the necessary Police Report
  • Apply for airport operation permit
  • Apply for airport driver certification
  • Successfully complete written test
  • Successfully complete on-road training
  • Successfully driving assessment
  • Complete on-field assignment affiliation
  • Complete training assignment
  • Complete 1-live assignment
  • Approval for Chauffeur Database
  • Be available for Introduction Night

Congratulations  you are now ready to be assigned to yourSilver Service Chauffeur’s pin.

Are you planning a vocation in the Limousine Industry? Then I suggest you take the first step in making sure you are equipped with all the tools necessary for your success. We offer an extensive program which follows up with having your details kept in a Database for the industry�s use and your success in employment. We even hold trade introductory nights when you will be asked to attend as to meet others in the industry.

If this interests you, and would like more information,�please email us on limos@silverservicelimos.com.au

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